From a Prophet’s Eyes

We find ourselves nearing the end of 2020. This year has been one that many of us have never experienced before. As we approach December 31st, we reflect on the lives who have transitioned from this earth into eternity. Whether it was to rest in peace, waiting on the final call from their Father, or whether they left this earth without having established a relationship with God, thousands have literally exited.

Everyone who left did not pass from COVID. In fact, I know more people who passed from cancer, stroke and other diseases than coronavirus. This year is unprecedented in so many ways and yet the people of God, for the most part, yet remain in the same posture that they were in last year this time.

This is a time when everything that we say we believe is being tried on every level. My question to you is have you matured in this? How have you matured in this?

So many saints are just awaiting 2021 for this to all be over, pretty much in the same way that so many are waiting for the rapture. Just get me out of here. There is no sense of spiritual vision, understanding or revelation regarding why the earth is walking through this at this time. Why is this occurring in our lifetime? How do are we, as sons of the Most High God, okay with everything that is going on? How do we still conduct our business as usual, or even dare think about self-satisfaction in the midst of such
loss, such sickness, such grieving and such death?

If this pandemic has done nothing else, it has revealed the selfishness of so many in the four walls of the church – while at the same time revealing the commitment and sacrifice of so many others who are denying themselves to see their Father’s will and purpose manifested in the lives of the hopeless, the lost and the broken. Many have tried to prophesy, decree and/or pray this moment in time away. My perspective? Stop.

Take some time and be still. There is so much going on with the pandemic, social and racial unrest, presidential election, and more that we are missing the opportunity to be transformed. We have become so ingrained in this culture, that we have forgotten the culture of the Kingdom of God. A culture in which we are taught that we are in this world, but not of it. God’s Kingdom Culture teaches us to turn the other cheek, to pray for and forgive our enemies, to trust in Him and lean not to our own understanding. The teachings of Christ challenge us to humble ourselves, mourn with those who mourn, love unconditionally and eat His word daily expecting change and transformation as we are new creatures in Him. His answer to our pride, our greed, our lust and our selfishness is to take up His cross daily.

The times that we live in are to shake us free from the habits, lifestyles and appetites that we have become accustomed to that are of the world. My encouragement to you is that you do not go out of this year in the same spiritual place you were in when it came in. No amount of prophesying or declaring is going to change you. Let this hard moment in time be your transformation point where you choose to submit to the will of God no matter how much it costs you. Where you are willing to walk in holiness if it means that you lose friends and people don’t understand. Hard times come to mature us. Come on church, it’s time to grow up.

BY: Pastor Vanessa McQueen

Vanessa L. McQueen serves the body of Christ and the local fellowship of Sanctuary Covenant Christian. Fellowship as co-pastor and prophet beside her husband of almost 36 years, Pastor Frederick L. McQueen. A mentor and teacher to individuals across the United States, Prophet Vanessa has poured out her life before God as a living sacrifice to be an example, sharing all that she is learning in this journey and doing as she was instructed by another Prophet of God – ‘teach them from where you have been, your mistakes, your successes, your challenges, and your growth!”

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Paul instructs us to “Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.…” Romans 12:2

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2 thoughts on “From a Prophet’s Eyes

  1. How wonderful it is, when we walk in unity. There is nothing like being like-minded.

    What an admonition and taking stock, to not go out in the same place we entered the year. Immense goings on this year, that were all opportunities to grow and to become. The world is hurting and were we pouring out the Love of God all over the place. Or were we just wishing all the problems would just disappear. Aladdin’s lamp does not work with God. Only LOVE works.

    Pastor V’s word to us must be applied as you read it. It’s for each of us.