My Encouragement Village

My goal, through as many avenues as possible, is to uplift, strengthen, motivate, and inspire as many people as I can on their life’s journey. Part of that goal has come from God showing me a village of those who are willing to share their journey and love for the Lord to accomplish the same goal. God made us all unique so the way one person needs encouragement may differ for another and having a variety of blogs/articles to meet those needs is what I have in mind to meet the needs of many.

Al Riddick

Al Riddick is President of Game Time Budgeting, an award-winning, Cincinnati-based financial fitness firm that inspires others to count their money then give every dollar they earn instructions so it will behave.

 He is the author of The Uncommon Millionaire and two workbooks: The Uncommon Millionaire’s Guide to Financial FitnessandMoney $mart Teens.

 Al has a host of educational resources available which could assist anyone on their financial wellness journey at

Kofi Bismark

Kofi is a staunch believer who zealously professes the Gospel. A graduate of Word of Faith Bible Institute in Ghana. Currently studying BSc. Clinical Psychology and he has a ministry named the Gospeller Ministry which aims to reach the lost with the good news of God through outreach and evangelism.

The Ministry is to teach and Profess faith in the Gospel. Mark 16:15

Jeannine Davis

Jeannine is a singer, writer, worship leader, and spoken word artist.

She wrote and directed two plays that were performed at Pace University in Pleasantville, NY, and is currently working on several other writing projects.


Minister Frederick D. Dawson

Frederick is a graduate of Bishop State Community College, where he received an associate degree in Business Administration.  He earned two bachelor degrees (Organizational Management/Christian Leadership & Ministry) from the University of Mobile.  Currently, he is working towards a master degree in Biblical & Theological Studies.

Dawson dedicated one-year writing inspirational daily devotionals for the Outreach Ministries for You (OMFY) and recently launched his own inspirational website (DawsonMinistries.Com) on January 15, 2019.  His prayer is that Dawson Ministries illuminate truth as we journey down the path of life.

Mamie Johnson 

Mamie is a licensed and ordained minister of the gospel and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and a Master of Arts degree in Theology from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Mamie serves as the founder and President of MJ Ministries Inc. a 501(c) (3) ministry that offers programs that lead and support individuals seeking to overcome adversity and live a better and more meaningful life through developing a relationship with Christ, is the Assistant Pastor of Jubilee Community Church in Springboro, Ohio, a Facilitator at United Theological Seminary, and an author, a chaplain, and conference speaker.  She is married to her husband Fred and has two children, a daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren.

CJ Greene

CJ is an Associate Pastor at New Life Covenant Church under Bishop Randall Furlow. He travels the world with his beautiful wife Samaria Greene preaching the word of God and training up lay members of the Body of Christ in Prophetic Prayer and leadership development.

He and his wife are therapists in the state of CT and are working towards opening up a Christian Counseling Center. CJ Greene focuses on missionary work in the nations of the world bringing not just the Word of God but a change in communities to empower those who are disenfranchised, oppressed, and deprived. To reach CJ Greene you can email him at

John McCurdy

John is currently a Pastor in New Jersey.  His heart and assignment is to teach Believers to Believe and how to have the overcomer’s life – which John sees almost more than anything people are longing for. 

He teaches and has taught Bible School in the metropolitan NYC/NJ area, as well as to international students from several nations.  He is an educated counselor and ministers to hurting people.  He enjoys mentoring those growing into their callings, including pastoring pastors and leaders.  Believing that the Church is “outside the four walls” and being an experienced master design-builder, John has a very particular passion for building homes for the needy.

Vannessa L. McQueen

Vanessa serves the body of Christ and the local fellowship of Sanctuary Covenant Christian. Fellowship as co-pastor and prophet beside her husband of almost 36 years, Pastor Frederick L. McQueen.

A mentor and teacher to individuals across the United States, Prophet Vanessa has poured out her life before God as a living sacrifice to be an example, sharing all that she is learning in this journey and doing as she was instructed by another Prophet of God – ‘teach them from where you have been, your mistakes, your successes, your challenges and your growth!”

Geneva Miller

Geneva yielded to the call of God in 2000 and is a licensed and ordained minister in the State of Ohio. In September 2013, Geneva and her husband started The Way Community Church and since then they have been serving the community and equipping believers for ministry.

Geneva’s passion is teaching and developing and in September 2018 Geneva launched gwmiller ministries as a platform for her teaching, training and equipping of Kingdom people all across the globe for Kingdom building and Kingdom empowerment.  Pastor Geneva is currently working on her first book titled “No Ordinary Day”. Geneva works hard to develop every gift that God has given her and lives her life by her favorite scripture, “I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth!”

Rhonie McBerry

Rhonie is a licensed radiation therapist providing care to those battling cancer. She learned to embrace a new normal after being diagnosed with Crohn’s. disease and uses the power of words to encourage others to see past their darkest day to a brighter horizon.

She is the author of Embracing a New Normal, God Has Drawn The Blueprints Vol I & II, Words That Surround Your Soul devotionals, and a host of blog posts on her website Her hobbies include reading, photography, liturgical dance ministry, and eating sweets. Rhonie is the mother of two children and two granddaughters and she makes her home in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband of 22 years.

Rick Pilat

Rick lives in Winnipeg, Canada working full time as an assembly technician of agriculture equipment. He has been married to his lovely wife for 28 years, they have one son.

Rick attends Church of the Rock where he has been a member for 19 years. Along with his wife, they oversee the Marriage Ministry and lead a small marriage life group. Rick also oversees the setup/teardown on the campus church and serves on the Men’s Ministry. Rick’s heart and passion are to encourage and build up fellow believers in their faith, especially those struggling with addiction. He strives to be a life coach and lighthouse for those hurting within broken marriages.

Ron Mosby

Mosby grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and attended the University of Cincinnati, where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts.  A former Naval officer, Ron has served government at every level – federal, state, and local. Currently, he serves as the City Administrator of the city of North College Hill.

Ron is an Elder at the Ekklesia of the Lord Jesus Christ, a fellowship that meets in the Northside area of Cincinnati.  He co-hosts a weekly radio show entitled “Glimpses of the Kingdom” with his partner Rhonie McBerry, which airs weekly on WGRI, Inspiration 1050 AM and 103.1 FM in Cincinnati. Ron has been married to his lovely wife Cynthia for 35 years. They have four children and six grandchildren.

Sean Provost

Sean Provost is a servant of Christ, a Deacon, husband, and father of four kids who he has raised in the fear and admonishment of the Lord. He is the founder of Crosslife Ministries, a channel he is developing to spread the word of God through music, comedy and short films.

As an aspiring author and poet, Sean writes Faith-based poetry to magnify God, minister to, witness, lift up,and encourage others. He became a born again believer in 1996 and a disciple in 2006. By the grace of God, Sean was ordained as a Deacon in March 2015. Sean’s vision for starting a media ministry on the social media app twitter, @Crosslife_Music, and blogging is to win the lost, edify the body and encourage all who are struggling as he shares his experiences walking with God.


TruFiyah has a knack for infusing great music with great verse! She is a single mother, a writer, a minister, a sister, a daughter, and a friend… but most of all, she is a child of God.

She is His perfectly imperfect proof that broken things, battered things, and seemingly unusable things, can be revived and restored. The life God has breathed in her to revive her broken pieces is spoken through her poetry and four African American romance books with the hopes that the hearer will also LIVE. Her work is a testimony. Her gift is one she can’t take credit for, it is from the Lord, and her words are… HIS Desire, Her FIYAH!!!

Dr. Tony L. Warrick

Tony has always had a passion for transformation. This passion unveiled his purpose to see people be all that God has created them to be by connecting the transforming power of the Kingdom of God to everyday living.

As a minister, he has served as an author, certified chaplain, Bible studies teacher, lecturer on Biblical Leadership, and assisted in planting a life-giving church in Raleigh, NC. When he is not serving his community, you can find him ministering to over 150,000 individuals through social media. is his vision to help people connect with the teachings of Jesus Christ so they can make a GREAT commitment to a GREAT cause while overcoming GREAT challenges to achieve GREAT success.