Vanessa L. McQueen serves the body of Christ and the local fellowship of Sanctuary Covenant Christian. Fellowship as co-pastor and prophet beside her husband of almost 36 years, Pastor Frederick L. McQueen. A mentor and teacher to individuals across the United States, Prophet Vanessa has poured out her life before God as a living sacrifice to be an example, sharing all that she is learning in this journey and doing as she was instructed by another Prophet of God – ‘teach them from where you have been, your mistakes, your successes, your challenges and your growth!”

Articles by Vanessa


“Lord, if it is you, then tell me to come out to you on the water.” Matthew 14:29

I’m at a place in my life, that even after 36 years of consistently walking with Christ, I find myself more hungry for His Presence than ever before. At a time when most individuals are okay with just hanging out, I am looking to get out of the boat, not for the miracle, but for the intimacy of experiencing Christ in a new place of faith. Continue Reading…

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