A Word Of Encouragement!

By Pastor Geneva Miller:

If there ever was a time when we needed the Lord, we sho’ do need Him now. Now is not the time to debate whether we should be physically in the church building or not. Now is not the time to determine who is more righteous by whether their service is online or on the phone. Now is not the time to wait on the government to set processes in place to meet the needs of our communities. But now IS the time for the people of God to stop doing church and BE the church.

We’ve been inside the four walls too long, it’s time to come out. It;s time to come out and be the hands and the feet of our Lord. It’s time for church congregations to see how we can serve the community that we are in. It’s time to mobilize those who can assist those who have a basic need and BE the church. It’s time to take care of the widows, the strangers, the orphans, the moms and dads, the school-age children, the waitress and busboys whose restaurants have closed down, the opportunity to serve is great!

This is a shining moment for the church to be the voice of hope, reason, faith and peace. I hope to see dialogue about how we are serving, how we are ministering to others and how we are spreading hope in this hour. There is enough division in the world right now and I pray the church will not be caught in this distraction.

Let us be reminded of our assignment to stay on the wall, stand our guard in the watchtower and have our ears tuned to the voice of our God for direction and wisdom. I’m committed to lifting Jesus the Christ in this moment because He said if He would be lifted up, HE would draw all men to Himself. Let’s lift the God of peace, the God of hope, the God of mercy and the God of faith that others might come looking in this hour for THE ANSWER. Be wise, be well and be encouraged beloved, and wash your hands!!

Love you much, Pastor Geneva

Geneva Miller yielded to the call of God in 2000 and is a licensed and ordained Minister in the State of Ohio. In September 2013, Geneva and her husband started The Way Community Church and since then they have been serving the community and equipping believers for ministry. Geneva’s passion is teaching and developing and in September 2018 Geneva launched gwmiller ministries as a platform for her teaching, training and equipping of Kingdom people all across the globe for Kingdom building and Kingdom empowerment.

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