A Fresh Perspective

I’m at a place in my life, that even after 36 years of consistently walking with Christ, I find myself more hungry for His Presence than ever before. At a time when most individuals are okay with just hanging out, I am looking to get out of the boat, not for the miracle, but for the intimacy of experiencing Christ in a new place of faith.

Peter says to Christ in Matthew 14:29, “Lord, if it is you, then tell me to come out to you on the water.” Many have preached this scripture from a similar perspective of the miracle of Peter walking on water. I want to take a few of your moments to cause you to look at this scripture a little differently, hopefully encouraging your soul today.

Peter walking on water is miraculous! It was the moment of a lifetime! We have no record of anyone ever doing that but Christ. However, I want to direct your attention to his request – bid me – tell me to come out to you on the water.

In the midst of the raging storm, in the midst of the struggle, warring with thoughts and fears that consistently threaten to overwhelm you, I challenge you to ask Christ this same question. 

Ask Him to call you out to where He is…. 

I love this! Peter didn’t wait on Christ to call him. He ASKED Christ to call him out to Him! 

There are times in our lives when we need to ask Christ to call us out to Him. Call you away from the busyness, from the darkness and from the fear. Ask Him to call you out to Him and as soon as you hear His voice, respond. Be willing to leave friends – notice, I’m not saying walk away from relationships – because Peter remained in a relationship with the other disciples. However, this was a moment that he NEEDED! 

There are moments where we need to experience the Presence of Christ because His Presence is the fullness of joy. No matter the storm, you will experience peace when you hear His voice because His voice is the answer to everything happening in your life.

I challenge you to ASK Him to call you to come out to where He is. Yes, there is the original call of salvation and discipleship. However, this is different. This is you asking Him to call you out to Him, to where He is! If He needs to rescue you, let it be because you stepped out on faith to be closer to HIM! Your responding to Him calling you means being ready to leave the place that you deemed safe to a place that demands faith. Ask Him to call you out of the place where everyone Is holding on waiting on deliverance. Walk towards your deliverer!

BY: Pastor Vanessa McQueen

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  1. This is a Fresh Perspective. A Fresh Challenge. … As I myself told the Lord a few years ago, I want to get so far out there with Him, so far our there in Faith, I can’t get back. … Great article!

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