Jeannine Bradley

Jeannine Bradley is a singer, writer, worship leader, and spoken word artist.  

She wrote and directed two plays that were performed at Pace University in Pleasantville, NY and is currently working on several other writing projects.

Articles by Jeannine Davis


The grace of God is sufficient and His love is amazing. He promised that He would never leave you and His Word says that you are blessed if you trust in Him. 

Imagine a baseball field.  It’s a sunny day – not too hot, but there’s an occasional light breeze.  The stadium is filled with people, banners and cheers.  The bases are loaded and it is time for the one next in line to take their place at home plate.  Continue Reading….


God is bigger than ‘lights of fear and rejection’ and He’s greater than ‘lights of worry, doubt, ‘can’t’ and past failures.’

I was driving to my destination and I was pretty tired.  I had about 45 minutes to go and was anxiously awaiting my furry socks and my orange blanket.  As I proceeded on 75-South, it was smooth sailing for about 30 minutes and then out of nowhere, red lights. Continue Reading….