Batter Up!

Imagine a baseball field.  It’s a sunny day – not too hot, but there’s an occasional light breeze.  The stadium is filled with people, banners and cheers.  The bases are loaded and it is time for the one next in line to take their place at home plate.  They’ve never been viewed as one of the best hitters on the team, however, those on the bases are waiting.  The pitcher is waiting.  The catcher is waiting.  The crowd is waiting.  Where are they?  They are headed to the batter’s box while trying not to let fear override what they need to do.  So what now?  They take a deep breath and mentally playback the last words spoken to them from the Coach.  “You can do this!”  The pitcher throws the ball and BAM!  They hit the ball out of view and not only did they make it back to home plate, but all those that were on the bases made it home too. 

Who is ‘they?’  You.  

Who are those on the bases waiting to come home?  Those are the people attached to your obedience.  Did it matter that you weren’t viewed as one of the best hitters on the team?  Nope.  God has already chosen you and what He says about you trumps what people think about you. Remember, an overlooked shepherd boy was the perfect choice for a King and a man after God’s heart. 

Who is the Coach?  The Coach is Jesus and His pep talk reminds you that He called you, He equips you, He is with you and you can do all things through Him because He gives you strength.  

Why was it easy to swing the bat while being so nervous?  Because the batter trusted the Coach, took their position and swung the bat in His strength and not their own strength.  He knew you could do it.  He knows YOU can do it.  YOU are a part of His plan.  YOU MATTER.  Your part matters.  Your gifts matter – even the ones that you haven’t used yet.  

Who won the game?  Your team, of course.  You’re always on the winning side with Jesus as your Coach. 

Fam, what’s ahead may look different.  What’s ahead may look intimidating.  What’s ahead may look uncomfortable, but what is God asking you to do that will require you to leave your comfort zone, step up to the plate and swing your bat of obedience?  Yes, it is bigger than you, but do not proceed in your own strength.  His strength is perfect, His grace is sufficient and His love is amazing.  He promised that He would never leave you and His Word says that you are blessed if you trust in Him.  So, remember your pep talk, tighten your cap, step up to the plate, keep your eyes on your Coach and prepare to come home.  There’s a grand slam and a winning victory party with your name on it!!


BY: Jeannine Davis

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