Don’t Ever Forget to Bless Him

Psalm 103

This exhortation to bless the Lord often gets watered down in the routine of religious exercise. Bless the Lord. It is so frequently used and given as a directive that we forget that it is a privilege and a command, not a suggestion or something to be taken so lightly and casually. Bless the Lord. I am telling you today by the spirit of the living God that there is a mandate on the people of God to bless Him, to praise His name, to give thanks and to glorify Him and Him alone. Psalm 103 is one that hit me hard as I listened to Holy Spirit say remind them to bless the Lord, speak well of Him and exalt His name.

This passage of scripture begins with a command to our soul, our flesh man, our natural man, that part of us that desires to do what we want, when we want and how we want. Bless the Lord, oh my soul and all that is within me bless HIS holy name. It is apparent to me that there are times when we must speak to ourself with the voice and authority of the Holy Spirit and say self, I am speaking to my mind, my own will and my own emotions that often want its own way and is not always willing to wait on the Lord or submit to the Lord, I am saying to myself, SELF, Bless the Lord, oh my soul and all that is within me, BLESS HIS HOLY NAME!! You see I don’t care who is or who is not in the ruling seat of our government now, in the past or the future, GOD is still the only one we must worship.

Bless the Lord oh my soul, bless the Lord give Him praise, give Him honor, give Him glory, Speak well of Him and His glory, make known His deeds among all the people and the nations, bless the Lord oh my soul and ALL that is within me, bless His holy name! This addition of “and all that is within me” means that as a child of God, as a believer in His Son Jesus the Christ my worship should come from everything that makes me who I am, which is the Lord. My desires should be to please Him with my life, my hopes should be that He is pleased with my daily efforts to get to know Him more, my heart should be filled with His ways and my eyes should see His goodness in everything. My mouth should always speak well of Him and my heart and my mouth should line up in agreement about the things I say. Bless the Lord oh my soul, and we work at making sure that our words and actions are the same. Bless the Lord, give Him thanks and show Him love, bless His holy name. Bless the Lord and never forget all His benefits! Why is there a restlessness in the atmosphere and why is there a stirring in the spirit realm? Because we, the beloved of God who have access to all He provides have failed to remember His many benefits, His blessings. His favor that He pours out day after day after day. Forget not! There is a reason why David wrote these two words then and they ring out to us now, forget now! Don’t forget! Human nature has a short memory, and often once we are rescued from a trial, we forget how we made it out. Our memory is short and when we are sick we make promises to the Lord but when we get healed we forget that it was His hand that kept us, His healing that delivered us, and David says FORGET NOT all His benefits. What are they? David lists a few. David says He forgives all your iniquities, bless the Lord oh my soul. He forgives, oh what a benefit this is.Then He heals ALL our diseases, did you hear that! Not some diseases, but all of them. He heals my body, He heals my mind, He heals my condition, He heals my emotions. Whatever is putting us in dis-ease, causing us to lack peace, He heals it. Dis-ease, this is beyond sickness, this is a troubled mind, a wounded heart, a broken spirit, God heals it all. Oh beloved I don’t care what you are going through today in your body, don’t ever forget to bless the Lord. There is power in your praise, victory in your praise, there is joy and deliverance in your praise, never forget to bless the Lord!

God redeems our life from the destruction of the Pit of Hell, He crowns us with lovingkindness and tender mercies, He gives us faithful love and compassion, God satisfies us with good things so that our youth is renewed like the eagle’s. God makes provision for us to have the good things that we need so that our life is full and feels like our youth is renewed. These are the good things He gives to us and when we remember His Word we remember that in the time of trouble He said He will hide us, I have no reason to fear or worry. I remember that my God shall He shall wipe all tears from my eyes, He said that if He is for me who can be against me. When I remember this benefit and I bless the Lord, my countenance changes, my spirit is lifted, the color and the hope of life comes back into my face and my youth is renewed. I get a kick in my step, I get joy in my heart, I get hope in my heart because i remember not to forget His benefits! He satisfies my life with good things, bless the Lord oh my soul!!

As a worshipper I am sensitive to this command, bless the Lord. I hear it today ringing in my ears to bless Him and to remind everyone I can to do the same. It is only when we bless HIM that we can put our cares on Him, bless His name. It is only when we bless HIM that we can be confident that He will supply our every need. It is only when we bless HIM that we can rest even though we walk through the valley. Bless His name.

Beloved, this is His desire for us today, tomorrow and everyday that He gives us in the earth. That we would bless His name, that we would take advantage of His benefit package, that we would say like David, if I had 10,000 tongues it would not be enough to give you the praise that is due Your name. Today is the day we have been reminded to never forget.

Beloved today, bless His name, bless the Lord, bless the Lord forever and ever. Amen, amen and amen!!

BY: Pastor Geneva Miller

Geneva Miller yielded to the call of God in 2000 and is a licensed and ordained Minister in the State of Ohio. In September 2013, Geneva and her husband started The Way Community Church and since then they have been serving the community and equipping believers for ministry. Geneva’s passion is teaching and developing and in September 2018 Geneva launched gwmiller ministries as a platform for her teaching, training and equipping of Kingdom people all across the globe for Kingdom building and Kingdom empowerment.