A Word Of Encouragement

Falling in Love With Jesus

If you just fell in love with Jesus… If you just started speaking on His goodness. If you just started preaching. If it took a whole global pandemic for you to turn your attention to Him… Don’t you DARE be ashamed!!! Don’t you dare sit quiet if mockers who are supposed to be rejoicing at your conversion, scoff at it. Listen to me! We all came to Jesus because of a pandemic. It may have just been a personal pandemic or a family pandemic, a sickness pandemic, a marriage or singleness pandemic or a depression pandemic, but none of us came to Him because we were all good. If you just started following Him… I’m so glad you did. Welcome to the Kingdom. I love it here. 

BY: TruFiyah

1 thought on “A Word Of Encouragement

  1. I’m ashamed of GOD children ,Why we don’t take his word serious,Why we don’t have time for Jesus, Only when we have bad times then call his name as if he hear you, Me myself l want to go to heaven not hell, I will keep my mind stayed on JESUS I won’t turn left or right but stayed on HIM.

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