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The Bible calls us Christians to be Ambassadors for Christ. As a Christian, you are an ambassador for Christ, one who represents Christ. Just as an earthly ambassador represents and communicates the desires and will…

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Why Can’t You Just Pray Your Mental Illness Away?

Mental Health has become the buzzword this past decade. With more attention towards it every day, we are seeing more people coming to an understanding that most of our adult problems come from unresolved issues…

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A Christmas Rejoicing

Let’s clear up something, before we remember together the reason of Christmas. Jesus was born in a manger and it wasn’t because his family was poor. Caesar Augustus, Roman Emperor, decreed EVERYONE pay taxes. Joseph had…

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God’s Christmas Story

There is nothing but a whole lot of Good News in the Christmas Story.  This Story is found primarily in Matthew 1 & 2 and Luke 1 & 2.  This was Major, Major, Major.  In…

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Can The Pilot See?

We were on our way back home from vacation with a layover in Minneapolis before we reached our final destination of Cincinnati. It was one of those travels days swirling with a mix of snow,…

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