Releasing the Mindset of Fear to Unlock Our Goals

Fear can paralyze our dreams, visions, and goals. Fear is an emotion that can help us avoid danger but problems arise when we let fear run rampant in our minds, because we let our guard down. There are steps we can take to make sure we are moving in our purpose without threat of immobilization.

1. Let go of doubt
The biggest obstacle we face is ourselves. We begin to question the possibility of failure before we’ve even begun. Doubts about our purpose, uncertainty concerning our dreams, and skepticism concerning meeting our goals take over. Letting go of doubt will allow us to move forward, which leads right into point two.

2. Learn to trust the process
Our dreams, visions, and goals must always include a process in order for us to achieve them. We should believe that what we want to accomplish will come to pass. It is critical that we shut out all the negative voices and chart a path or course to follow in order to make our goals a reality. Each step needs to be tackled with confidence, which leads to us right into our third point.

3. Stop procrastinating and move forward
Fear will cause us to delay or stop our pursuit of our objectives. If we stand still there’s no risk involved, so we feel safe. Being safe can also mean we stay stuck; we drag our feet, possibly never taking the critical first step forward.  The waiting game is something we began to play hoping that fear would disappear on its own while we stayed stationary. We must understand that moving forward is the only way to overcome the fear that binds us.

Fear in its proper perspective can be useful to help us avoid danger, but we must be very conscious not to let it consume our lives, causing our dreams and goals to become stagnant. Changing our mindset in order to release fear will make it easier to work towards fulfilling our goals. Now let’s get moving!

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