I’m writing this from a place deep within, a longing to understand in the far reaches of my soul how to get an important line of scripture working beyond my natural intellect to believe. The message is almost like a memo, short and sweet meant to deliver its contents quickly. You might be wondering what verse has caused such urgency. This line of scripture in its simplicity and yet complexity “By His stripes, we are healed”. Those are the words I so desperately cling to waiting for them to consume my sense knowledge but can it? 

 Let me give you a little bit of my background, in 2014 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Ever since I’ve been anchoring my soul to those words yet my physical body has yet to hold dear to the finished work of Jesus Christ with 100% manifestation. Don’t get me wrong I’ve come a long way on the road to healing but now and then I slide into an abyss as my physical body revolts against the promises of Christ. It’s in those moments that I question my faith and plunge into mental failure. Then I have to find my way back. What am I missing?

In my recent studies of Psalm 103:1-5 I came across something in verse three as I looked at it in the Young’s translation “Who is forgiving all thine iniquities, Who is healing all thy diseases,.” The word “IS” which is present tense caught my eye. Scales began to fall from my eyes because seeing that word allows me to view healing as continual not as if I’m at the endpoint already. My hand of cards is still being played. I can’t speak for anyone else battling a chronic illness but sometimes I have felt as if I’ve gotten all that Jesus has for me but oh how far from the truth is that mindset. I must press on and let this line of scripture with the urgency of a memo to continually do the work, not in my soul but my spirit. That’s where the memo will work.

Now let’s go back to what I said about wanting this line of scripture to consume my sense of knowledge. Here’s a great explanation of the difference between sense knowledge and spiritual knowledge from one of my trusted friends in Christ on the matter which allows me to see things more clearly. “Sense knowledge comes from our soul. Our souls are comprised of our mind (intellect), emotions (feelings), and wills. Our spirits are what we are. God is spirit, the Bible says we are created just like Him. The things of the spirit can only be understood and acted upon with our spirit man. Sense knowledge comes from emotions and brain thinking. Spirit knowledge comes from the Word of God.” This is where the breakdown occurs and what I must fight against in my thoughts when it comes to feelings versus what I know by the Spirit. By the Spirit, I can stay focused on the finished work of Christ and not allow any symptoms to dictate what is the outcome because the outcome is that By His Stripes I am Healed! The Memo is indeed working.

BY: Rhonie McBerry

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Rhonie is a licensed radiation therapist providing care to those battling cancer. She learned to embrace a new normal after being diagnosed with Crohn’s. disease and uses the power of words to encourage others to see past their darkest day to a brighter horizon.

She is the author of Embracing a New Normal, God Has Drawn The Blueprints Vol I & II, Words That Surround Your Soul devotionals, and a host of blog posts on her website


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