Have Faith In God

Mark 11:22-24

Sometimes when the troubles of life come, with our mouths we tell others  “I’m trusting GOD” But with our hearts, we show GOD that we don’t trust HIM. Unfortunately, our declaration of faith was just lip service. We might be able to fool everyone else but we can’t fool GOD.

HE sees our hearts.

In my life, I had to learn that when I was anxious about something, it was because I really wasn’t trusting GOD in that area. The faith that I did have was being canceled out by doubt, wondering if GOD would answering my prayers instead of Trusting that HE would send a provision. I had to learn to walk by faith and take GOD at HIS WORD. 


Because this is not just “johnny on the spot” making me a promise. IT’S GOD!We trust in the character of GOD’S WORD Because of WHOSE WORD it is, because of WHO is saying it. GOD is not a man that HE can lie. {TITUS1:2}

satan wants to overwhelm us with our circumstances and make us feel hopeless like God is far away but JESUS is right there with us. We will not always understand how or what GOD is doing but that’s how HE grows our faith, when we Trust HIM anyway without understanding, without knowing. 

JESUS said in {Mark 11:22}  “HAVE FAITH IN GOD”. HE wants us to look beyond our present circumstances and what we can see. 

Hebrews 11:1(KJV) 11 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

There are five points of faith that we should remember in the midst of a trial so our faith won’t fail us. 

  1. We must hear THE WORD OF GOD.
  2. We must receive THE WORD without hindrances. (Example: saying stuff like” I know what GOD said BUT”)
  3. We must Believe without wavering (when you waver, you start to walk by sight and that is not faith, that brings in doubt)
  4. We must obey what we have heard. (Do what GOD’S WORD SAYS TO DO)
  5. We must act upon the Character of God’s WORD. (We can operate in Faith while standing on the integrity in GOD’S WORD)

IF you are going through something, and you say you trusting GOD, THEN HAVE FAITH, LET GOD BE GOD, CLAIM A PROMISE, STAND ON HIS WORD, AND TRUST HIM! THANK YOU JESUS!

By: Sean Provost

2 thoughts on “Have Faith In God

  1. Read this article again this morning. It’s alive with Truth. … Dearest Brothers & Sisters, read the article slowly and meditate. After Love, there is nothing more important than Faith. It is absolutely critical in life, if we are going to win. …Feed your Faith. Starve your Doubts. … I have to calm down a little. My spirit is soaring.

  2. Yet another great article showcasing the criticality of Faith. … I am so encouraged to see this prominent on this medium. … Oh, wait. This is an Encouragement website? It sure is. I am encouraged!

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