YOUR Journey

I was driving home and I was driving the speed limit.  The man in the vehicle behind me was getting impatient.  I must’ve been driving too slow for him.  Me?  I was enjoying the sunshine and jammin’ to Fred Hammond.  I wasn’t phased by the other driver’s impatience or his rush to speed ahead.  He did pass me and in a short period of time he was far ahead of me.  However, after driving for a few miles, I arrived at the third stoplight, looked to my right and there was Mr. Knight Rider.  He had been in a greater rush than I was, however, we ended up at the same location….around the same time.

Life is kinda like that.  Sometimes, it may look like people are surpassing you at a super speed.  Sometimes, compared to them, it looks like you are being overlooked or it may look like life is passing you by.  Nevertheless, the goal is to keep moving.  If you keep moving forward, you will get to your destination.  No need to compete.  No need to hate.  No need to be envious.  No need to beat yourself up.  And no need to wish you were in the other car.  Focus on YOUR journey.  Focus on what’s ahead of YOU.  FOCUS ON WHAT GOD HAS FOR YOU!  Listen to what God is telling YOU to do and then follow His instructions.  That way, you will get to where you’re supposed to be when you’re supposed to be there.  Trust God’s timing.

So, roll down your window, wave to Knight Rider, step on the gas and put on your shades. 😎 The future ahead of you is bright and it’s ready to make your acquaintance.  

Love y’all. 🙏🏾❤️🦋

BY: Jeannine Bradley

Jeannine is a singer, writer, worship leader, and spoken word artist.She wrote and directed two plays that were performed at Pace University in Pleasantville, NY, and is currently working on several other writing projects.


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