Where Do My Loyalties Lie?

“For I delight in loyalty rather than sacrifice,” Hosea 6:8

Where Do my Loyalties Lie?

Loyalty is something I value but I must ask myself how loyal am I to God, the one who created me, the one who actually created the universe? There are many times when I seem more disloyal than loyal to the only one that can set the proper course of action that will navigate me through life.  I often try to plot my own course then wonder why I end up shipwrecked amidst the chaotic seas.

Disaster sets in when my loyalties become divided between God and the world. The world’s view will always try to separate me from being loyal to God. The world celebrates a sense of self and its abilities apart from God leading to my skewed perception as I switch to relying on self.  I end up going further into the storm because my visibility is poor. Rebellious thoughts and deed push me so far from God I end up capsizing into the depths of turmoil and confusion.

Obedience to God must be my only travel plan so I can sail smoothly across the chaotic waters, go in the right directions, and see hope in the distant shore. This type of obedience means I must submit to God’s authority over my life. That means I give my rights over to Him, so He can command my ship. I must realize and recognize that only He can control the season which I’m sailing.  A liability to the urging of the Holy Spirit is needed to ensure I adapt my decisions to the will and move of God.

Since own navigation has set me adrift time to anchor myself in the Lord by pledging my allegiance to Him because allegiance to my own desires have me tossing and turning in a directionless state. I must gain steadfastness in the Lord by trusting Him to help me make it towards tranquil and peaceful shores surpassing the turbulent currents. Loyalty is about being enthusiastic about the Lord and all His points of sail regardless of the direction.

By Rhonie McBerry

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