Faith and Love are the two most important things in the Christian life that we must walk in.  I have been teaching and preaching these two things for years now.  Growing us up into strong believers, into believing Believers, into manifested sons and daughters of God, that get things done, is my purpose in life.

Today we will talk about faith.  Part I in this article is WHY is Faith so especially important to God? 

There are several reasons, here are some.

  1.  It is impossible to please God without it (Heb. 11:6a).  That is an especially direct statement.  It isolates something that God Himself is looking for clearly and without argument.  He just wants us to believe Him.  Hear His heart.  His heart longs for this.
  2. The Bible says in Luke 18:8b, that when Jesus cometh, will He find Faith on the earth?  Note what He is looking for specifically.  It does not say that He is looking for patience or holiness.  It says He is looking for Faith.  It’s really way up there in significance with Him.
  3. If you read the Gospels, you will readily note that Jesus talked about Faith extremely often.  This includes His mentions about Fear, which is the complete opposite of Faith or the archenemy of Faith.  … One of the mightiest things Jesus said to each one of us and opens up all the floodgates in our lives is “all things are possible to him who believes.”  (Mark 9:23b)
  4. In His ongoing ministry, Jesus corrected and rebuked His followers regarding Faith probably more than anything else.  Why?  Because it is extraordinarily important to everything in life.  The number of times Jesus said “O Ye of Little Faith” is just startling.  (see Matt. 8:26; Matt. 14:31; Matt. 16:8; Matt. 17:20; Mark 16:14)
  5.   FAITH attracted Jesus more than anything else did.  And it is precisely what got the people exactly what they were looking for.  The Canaanite woman in Matthew 15:28 and her “great faith”.  The centurion in Luke 7, where Jesus marveled that “I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel!”.  Blind Bartimaeus, Mark 10:52, it was his Faith that made him well.  Same with the woman with the issue of blood, Matthew 9:22.  Same with the paralytic healed in Mathew 9:2.  Same with the subsequent two blind men whose sight was restored, Matthew 9:29.  It’s FAITH that He is looking for.
  6. By the sheer number of times it is mentioned in His Word to us and by the impetus of what it says, Faith is how we live, how we have life and how we master life as heads and not tails.  “The righteous LIVE — by FAITH“.  God didn’t say by joy.  He didn’t say by conduct.  He said by Faith.  (Romans 1:17; Galatians 3:11; Hebrews 10:38; Habakkuk 2:4)
  7. Paul teaches us in Ephesians 6, that we are to put on the full armor of God.  All six pieces.  But look closely at what God isolated as the “above all” in the armor.  “Above all, taking the shield of faith” is what verse 16 instructs us as one piece of armor that really gets the job done in the battle, where the enemy is trying to defeat and compress you into giving up and losing.
  8.  The Bible teaches us that there is only one thing that obtains victory for us.  FAITH.  I John 5:4b says “and this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our Faith”.  If you want victory and want to be an overcomer, Faith is how it gets done.

When it comes to learning about what is particularly important to God and what specifically we need to get results, there is no wiggle room and there is no argument as to where Faith stands.  It is something we should purpose to major in.  It is in fact crucial that we learn Faith as a way of life.

BY: Pastor John McCurdy

John McCurdy is currently a Pastor in New Jersey.  His heart and assignment is to teach Believers to Believe and how to have the overcomer’s life – which John sees almost more than anything people are longing for.  He teaches and has taught Bible School in the metropolitan NYC/NJ area, as well as to international students from several nations.



  1. Thank you very much sir for the truth of faith God is helping us to understand through your ministry. I’m really blessed by your teachings on faith
    I really want to grow in faith because I always want to please my Daddy(God).
    I want to pursue ministry work by getting a certificate or Diploma in ministry , but, presently I’m not financially strong.
    Please remember me in your prayers from the level of your faith for God to make the means for me to get my ministerial education.

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