Nothing Just Happens

I was thinking about a hunt from last season. I harvested one of my best bucks. It was about 4:00 p.m. when the buck came through behind me. It was well before dark, and I was hunting with a crossbow out of a rifle stand. I did it because the stand was in a fence line that deer liked to travel. I was on the phone when he came through. I hung up, grabbed my crossbow, and placed the perfect shot. It all happened in a few seconds.

To tell the story, I just tell people, it just happened suddenly, Or it just happened. I have chewed on that phrase for some time, and it has always been a part of my theology. Not that “things just happen,” but just the opposite. Things don’t “just happen.” I believe that with all my heart, even though I don’t understand all the issues around it. Another way to express my belief is this. I don’t believe in coincidence or luck. I know. I know.

There are so many things I can’t explain, I don’t understand, and that don’t seem significant. But I truly believe, nothing just happens. I believe there is always purpose behind every event in our life. That means every problem, every person, and every predicament that comes about in our life are only strange and unexpected to us, but not to God.

They may seem insignificant and temporary, or inconvenient and bothersome, but they will not be wasted by God to bring about something in our lives. He is the ultimate restorer, re-gifter, and re-purposer. He not only makes something from nothing, but he also makes something from everything. And every event in our life, both good and bad, is in his toolbelt.

Every person that comes into your life, is someone God will use to bring about something he wants you to know or be. Every pain that sinks you is God’s seed for a new and better growth. Every suffering that tears you in pieces, is God’s opportunity to put you back together, better. Paul reminded us that “God works all things for our good.” And you ask what does “all” mean? All means all and that’s all it means. That means your failure, tragedy, bankruptcy, incarceration, divorce, abuse, addiction, and the constant reoccurring times these happen, are no match for the designing hand of God.

I can look back at things that happened many years ago and still not see their significance. In fact, some of those things seem like an oddity or anomaly to the general direction of my life. And I admit I may die never having my “why” answered. But if God says things don’t just happen, then I have to trust – and you have to trust- that while we may not understand each piece, we can believe God thinks it’s an important part in making us the perfect person he designed us to be.

By: Gary Miller

Gary leads a church plant and teaches undergrad religion/apologetics. Gary also leads a ministry to hunters & fishermen. He has blogged for 17 years. Gary loves to cycle, run and do anything fit-wise. He is also passionate about prison reform. Gary walks day by day as an encourager.



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