Bread Of Anxious Toil

1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. 

I recently wrote a prayer about peace in my latest book and there was a sentence about eating the bread of anxious toil. When I think about that sentence I realize I’ve probably overloaded on that bread more than I care to admit.

A lot of times when we began to eat healthier we have a tendency to consume less bread because of its carb content. That content can spike blood sugars in us that aren’t beneficial to the body.
Well, imagine how the bread of anxious toil harms us? It takes away our peace, it causes undue stress, and it can even affect our mental and physical status. The more we worry and fret it causes us to become further and further away from trusting God and believing in Him for deliverance.
How do we stop eating the bread of anxious toil?
-Spend time with God. 

We can’t trust who we don’t know and that takes time. Building a strong biblical & prayer life will keep us feeding on the most beneficial bread which is Jesus
Realize our confessions. 
We must speak the promises of God versus negative thoughts and words that produce anxiety.
Being obedient to God’s voice.
 God answers us in His timing and way so when He provides an answer that looks different than how we thought…we must obey for the breakthrough.

What we feed on determines whether it’s the bread of anxious toil or bread of life and deliverance. 

John 6:33  God is he who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world 
John 6:48  I am the bread of life. 

By: Rhonie McBerry


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  1. God can perform more good for those who trust him while they sleep than they can perform with anxious labor for themselves while awake.
    God bless you Rhonie for this….😍

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