The Pit of Despair: Three Steps to Overcome It

The pit of despair goes beyond a moment of sadness; it’s a place filled with utter loss of hope. An overwhelming sense of gloom about life’s circumstances can cause us to sink so low that we fail to see anything else around us. Agony, pain, and distress are just some of the discouraging emotions that can engulf us. The perception that few options are available can quickly crowd in, causing us to feel trapped. The goal is to climb out of this place as soon as possible, but we can’t climb without a ladder; therefore, let’s focus on three things that can help us climb that ladder.

1.  Realize this place is only temporary.

Nothing in this world is fixed. This place is not permanent; it will only last for a limited amount of time. Focusing on that fact we can picture ourselves projecting above and beyond where we are now.

2. Concentrate on encouraging our souls.

We will focus on the negative if we don’t make a conscious decision to feed our souls with positive affirmations. Even if we only utter one sentence. Things will get better; this is only temporary. The more we repeat positive affirmations to ourselves the less likely we are to stay downtrodden.

3. Make positive plans for the future.

We have to plan beyond our current situations. This is the key to climbing up and out. Writing out goals and focusing on completing one goal at a time will help us fend off the voices of doubt and discouragement.

Moving forward is the ultimate goal and these steps will help you begin the climbing process that leads to a brighter future.

Pit of Despair

This pit of despair encompassed the soul.

How this fall happened it’s hard to say.

Explosion of emotions may have caused the collapse.

The absence of light prompted all sensibility to disappear.

Hope is completely dashed.

Joyfulness where are you?

Search for the ladder of peace that will start the climb.

Grab onto encouragement that will illuminate the way.

Cognizance of a higher ground will lead to contentment.

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