God, Are You Listening?

God, Are You Listening?

We pray, and then we wait, repeating this cycle growing increasingly impatient. We ask, God do You hear us? Are You really listening? That voice of doubt eases in, causing us to feel that God doesn’t really care. Surely if God cared He would answer us and not leave us in limbo. Our problems, situations, and circumstances are surrounding us and we aren’t hearing anything back. We don’t see an immediate change, so surely He has turned a deaf ear our way. How can we be sure we’re being heard? Here are three ways you can know.

1. Reflect on God’s Past Faithfulness

Take a moment and reflect on God’s past faithfulness. Doubt leads to questioning, but remembrance will lead us towards confidence in God. Psalm 105:5 encourages us to remember the wonders He has performed. Right now would be a good time to stop and think about God’s amazing grace that helped you overcome a multitude of situations that you probably viewed as impossible to solve.

2. Trust God in the Silence This is where faith has to meet up with trust. Silence doesn’t equate to a lack of movement on God’s part, so if you’ve recalled His past works, it will allow you to have faith that God is not only listening, but moving to make things better for you. Endurance is possible because your trust in God will allow you to persevere past the moment.

3. Continue to Talk and Pray to God The word in 1 Thess 5:17 says to pray continually, so why don’t we? Luke 11:9 also says to keep knocking and seeking the Lord, but do we really, or is our knock soft and lacking force? Do we believe what we’re asking for will come to pass? Are our prayers in line with God’s will? No, yes, or yes but wait, are the answers we can expect, because God does hear us.

Praying to God, talking to Him will require our trust in His faithfulness and care for us. Now it’s up to us to believe He’s tuned in and listening to every word we utter.

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  1. I receive this message. I’m a spoken word artist, actor and lyricist. Still believing in manifestation of being a famous and successful. So that my family and friends will see that it Is possible

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