God Has Drawn The Blueprints

God Has Drawn The Blueprints

A daily devotional aimed at building a strong relationship with God.What makes this devotional different from all the other devotionals vying for your attention? Come along as I take you on a daily journey towards discovering the blueprints God has drawn for our lives.

Houses can crumble when they aren’t constructed properly. The schematics have to be carefully thought out in order for the building to stand.

My awareness for completeness in our lives can only come as we continually build a lasting relationship with God based on trusting His design process. The plan exists, now it’s time to construct a beautiful masterpiece with the Lord.

In these pages you’ll discover…

-Daily readings that will allow you to discover God’s design process geared specifically for you .

-Encouragement that will open the door to God’s promises which will renew your mindset.

-Insight into how to apply biblical principles in your daily life.

-Personal reflections that drive home the need to build a lasting relationship with the Lord.

-A weekly journal page to write and reflect on your development process with God.

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Embracing A New Normal

Embracing A New Normal

I sets a tremendous example of how to take a situation that was meant to cripple you and transform it into an opportunity to touch lives.

In Embracing a new normal, I give readers a glimpse into my struggle to forge a new path when faced with a sudden health crisis that threatens to throw me off course. My story is one of courage and strength gained by faith in God who has stitched my life into a beautiful tapestry interwoven with new trails and passageways as she adjusts to the changes. I have used my new normal in a variety of ways to encourage others to see past their darkest days to a brighter horizon.

In these pages you’ll discover…

-Powerful words to encourage and help you keep a positive outlook in spite of how life may have changed.

-A great source of inspiration to challenge you to take hold of your life’s circumstance and find those threads of God underlying your story.

-Insight into how to live beyond a health diagnosis with fullness of joy.

-Motivation to embrace a new normal that will carry you forward with strength and perseverance.

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