The right words can engage the brain and bring an idea to life. This handsome eBook is filled with motivational words [words that surround your soul] that will inspire you when you need it most.


We all experience moments where we feel down or defeated and we may struggle to get out of that place. My hope is that this 31-day devotional will supply inspiring words of encouragement that break down barriers of hopelessness and despair.

Let this journey provide you with newfound strength and faith to carry you for word. Lets Go!


Words are used to communicate meaning and depending on how they are used—either spoken by us or spoken to us—they shape how we view ourselves. My hope is that in the next 31 days this devotional will help you begin the process of renewing your mind with affirming words that will surround your soul with positive declarations. Our journey will take us through each letter of the alphabet with declarative words of action focused on uplifting you in constructive ways.

You will then have an opportunity to proclaim your own course of declarative action by completing the sentence supplied which will begin with the same letter of the alphabet. There will also be a short reflection on
the power of words throughout the pages. Let’s go!