A Prayer For Your Soul: Hebrews 13


You are the God of peace, the true source of our serenity who constantly works toward our well-being. You brought up for us a great Shepherd in Jesus Christ our Lord. We are the sheep of His pasture always grazing in His loving care. We enter His gates with thanksgiving pouring love and adoration from our lips.

He is the good news of salvation that has saved our souls from the sting of death, an everlasting blood covenant made on our behalf. No one else could save us from the penalty of our sins and through His righteousness we can stand in Your presence.

Continue to complete a good work within us that is pleasing in Your sight. We have every confidence in Your desire to bring us wholeness as we walk in Your will. Through Jesus may we bring glory and honor to Your name.  Now as we go about our week, be a fence of protection, a door of wisdom, and the light of love continually shining down upon us. In the name of Jesus.

Scripture Reference

Hebrews 13:20,21

Psalm 100:3

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